Describe the best day of your life essay

Life is full of happy days and sad days, the latter being more common in life.

Describe the best day of your life essay

Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer. Describe one of the most important days in your life and why it was so important to you. Deeply deliberating about these days, I believe that the day that I graduated from the college is among the most important days in my entire life, and the following discussion reveals my stand and reasoning.

First of all, I felt so excited at that day because I was done with all exams and study's frustrations. For example, I studied for five years in the pharmacy college in Baghdad university. Our study was so hard, we needed to do a lot of assignments and researches each years besides all other exams in order to graduate.

I was so exhausted by all this study. So, in my graduation day, I felt for the first time with that much of happiness because there won't be anymore studies and exams. As you could see, finishing all these requirements wasn't easy after all, but the reward was so big and deserve all that work.

Second, the graduation day from the pharmacy college was so important because at that day I started the adult's life, or in other words, I start my career as a pharmacist, it's like a dream come true. For instance, When I was in the high school, I have had the dream of being a pharmacist one day.

I studied for a long time and with a long hours each day, until I was able to get the high grade, that allow me to enter the pharmacy college. In the college, It was even harder, all our classes were in English and we needed to communicate inside the campus in English too.

So, the graduation day was a far dream come true. I was able to get my pharmacy license on that day and I remember that I applied for a job directly after having my license. From this experience I could say that the best day in anybody's life is when his dream come true, especially if he works so hard to make it true.

In conclusion, even though each person has different day in his life that considered as the most important one, as for me the graduation day from the college is the most important day.

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Describe the best day of your life essay
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