Discovering my inner strength

Join our list What is Inner Strength You need to first clarify the meaning of inner strength. Inner strength is the strong conviction that comes from within, when you believe in yourself.

Discovering my inner strength

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An unprecedented presence of force vibrates in your chest. The same force that is capable of creating worlds, of giving power to the largest stars, of harmoniously drawing every stroke on nature.

This life force pulsates and vibrates within you, and you belong to it just as it belongs to you. Learn that you are strong. The conscience is not limited to the physical space that your body occupies, nor does it receive orders from transient limitations.

Do not allow clouds of mental confusion and shadows of fear to conceal the luminous rays of the light that lives in you. Recovering the nearness to this Luminous Presence — your divine essence — is the first step for you to return to lucidity about who you really are, and thus to reaffirm your spiritual strength.

Cultivate the awakened consciousness and give yourself a chance to live guided by the center of your Strength and Higher Will.

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Instead of living a life where you make great effort to satisfy the demands of everyday urgencies as to satisfy the expectations of others, direct your energy and focus your attention to choose what you are going to build in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual spheres.

Your action needs to be filled with attention in the present moment so that it has strength, direction and sense like an arrow that concentrates and launches itself to overcome the air resistance and firmly reach its target. Much energy is lost when tasks are carried out without a clear sense and direction.

You need to be aware of this clearness. The present moment is forgotten while thinking about what needs to be done later, within five minutes or while remembering what has already happened: Not being present in the present moment brings such a wear that sometimes you may think that your energy is being drained and lost.

This is the loss by inattention. Your action is like a vessel. It needs to be offered to the greater goal and meaning of your life, filling up every space with Love. When you love what you do, it is done with more attention.

The choice of loving is yours completely.

Discovering my inner strength

Realize yourself as an abundant source of Love. The greater the daily practice of Love, the greater is your ability to love. And you gradually see more and more your life, the other and yourself with vibrations of this love: Discovering your inner strength is a journey you must take every second you live.

It is not found nor lost in the theoretical spheres of living. You must accomplish this search in your life today.

Look and realize well what you are doing about your life. Do it now, do not leave it for later.

7 Easy Ways to Find Inner Strength

Procrastination is an inside rift through which a lot of force is lost. In which energies, in which emotions and in which thoughts are you immersed? What have you been searching with the meaning of each one of your actions?

After enlightenment, chop wood, carry water. By giving a new meaning to your life with a greater sense, by adopting clearer and higher mental patterns, by cultivating tempered feelings, you will start living the life you have chosen instead of surviving the life that unfolds and rolls over you like a steamroller.

There is still much to live, to do and to build. Find your inner strength and exert this strength through your will, through your Love, and though your mental perception. Your life is the result of the Divine Force of Creation. Your consciousness has no limitations besides those you impose on yourself.

Live completely, feel with freedom and always act with love. That is the goal: The strength of expansion reverberates within every form of life.A Better Way to Discover Your Strengths. By Adam Grant. Getty Self Assessment Self Reflection Finding Inner Strength Strength This Blogger's Books and Other Items from.

Intuitive Healing – Discovering my Inner Strength April 30, louise As I move into my 6th year working full time as a homeopath and healer the more I am learning that my strength in . Discover your inner strength Maybe when you look in the mirror all you see is fragility, exhaustion, or someone who left yesterday’s happiness behind and now walks in a routine, blurry world.

Open your eyes and look again. Discovering My Inner Strength. Topics: United States Army posts, United States Army, Kansas Pages: 3 ( words) Published: April 19, Growing up, I was the meek, mellow and shy kid; the one that stayed with one group of friends all through school.

Discovering my inner strength

So when I was getting close to graduating high school I decided to join the Army and leave. Hi Haraleena, Oh! My! How I Missed This Powerful Post! Glad that I found this today and in fact a power packed one indeed!

Once You Discover Your Inner Strength, Nothing and Nobody Can Stop You - Step To Health

Yes, our inner strength is the key word here, if we can develop this within us and it helps us to overcome or face any situation we go through in our daily life.

Being a teen can be really stressful! Mindfulness is a powerful way to handle stress, and live life more fully. Mindfulness is all about living fully in the present moment, without judgment, and with an attitude of kindness and curiosity.

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