Drunk and driving essay

We handle OUI caseslicense issuesBoard of Appeals casesOUI cases involving accidents and immediate threat suspensionsOUI drugs chargesas well as domestic assault and batterymagistrate hearingsdrug charges and other felony and misdemeanor charges. This website is designed to answer your questions and provide you the most useful information to understand the law and help you make an informed decision about the best way to handle your criminal case. Many people are tempted to simply plead guilty to drunk driving or other charges.

Drunk and driving essay

August 16, at 9: When they brought her to the hospital, she was admitted as Quentin Doe, they did not know her name. She was involved in an auto accident on the freeway and was hit at 84 MPH, as she was stopped in traffic. Little did we know as her parents she died on impact due to brain injury.

She had her C2 and C3 neck broken and both arteries to her brain were severed. This all happened on April 27th, We were notified that day at about When my wife calls me that day, she was screaming so loud that I had no idea who she was on the phone.

Finally I ask her to calm down and tell me what happen, she said she was called by the Head and Trauma center and was ask some questions about a girl that they just received in for major injuries from a car accident.

Drunk and driving essay

We left work immediately and I was trying to think positive. We were met by the CHP officer, who handed us her purse and assured us she was not on her cell phone. He explained she was hit from the rear at a very high speed and had some major injuries. We went up to the 4th floor to see her and we were completely devastated.

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As family members started to arrive, we met with the two physicians in charge and they want to put her in surgery right away, because of internal bleeding. In about 30 minutes they came back from surgery to tell us the news, we were told our daughter was brain dead and they had perform tests to see if there was any response from the brain and nothing was showing up.

My wife at this time as for them to check again and do the test again, she just wanted to make sure, she again asks for another test. The nightmare had emerged, we lost our wonderful daughter. One thing was told to us about this accident by the two physicians was they made the statement we were very lucky our daughter was not decapitated from the extent of her injuries, they said this occurs usually at 70MPH or faster.

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Time stood still for both of us, the pain was unbearably though. We made the arraignments to bury our daughter in a cemetery close to our home. This was especially though through the whole process. We were told by the cemetery since she passed away immediately we would need cash to pay for these services.

After 25K and a few weeks off work, we were done with this part. To this date, we feel this company made no apologies or sympathy statement at all. I received my first bill from the hospital and for the one day, the bill was K, eventually the final bill was K.

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No offers from anyone on who was to pay this. The pre- trial is still pending on this person and she has been arrested on felony charges of gross negligence manslaughter. The DA will put on a quite convincing case with the information they have from the black box from her vehicle from this accident.

We know for a fact she was not paying attention and was speeding which caused our daughter death. She denied it all and has shifted the blame to Deanna.

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Drunk and driving essay

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