How do you write a memoir

Health Faith You might start with memories that show how bad things once were for you. Then you would show pivotal experiences in your life, important people in your transformation, what you learned, and how you applied certain principles to see this vast change. Naturally, the better the stories, the better the memoir.

How do you write a memoir

Litigation is expensive, time-consuming, and incredibly stressful. Our First Amendment right to free speech offers significant protection to write freely. One exception to this rule is the world of memoir. This is the primary reason why memoirs open the door for lawsuits.

how do you write a memoir

They may not want to be part of your story. And, in how do you write a memoir cases, if you violate the law, they may have the right to retaliate with a lawsuit. We can all agree that there are better things to spend your book royalties on than exorbitant legal fees.

Read on for tips to avoid going from published author to professional despondent. Our first disclaimer—this article does not constitute professional legal advice. For real legal advice, consult your real live counsel, rather than looking things up on the Internet.

Critically acclaimed author Augusten Burroughs published the best-selling memoir, Running with Scissors in Burroughs claimed that while he did change the name of the family in real life, the Turcottesthe harrowing details of his time spent in their care were true.

The Turcottes filed a defamation and invasion of privacy torts suit against Burroughs and his publisher. The family asserted that Burroughs fabricated facts and violated their privacy.

The parties settled out of court. Burroughs was legally obligated to amend his book acknowledgments to read as follows: I would like to thank the real-life members of the family portrayed in this book for taking me into their home and accepting me as one of their own.

I recognize that their memories of the events described in this book are different than my own. They are each fine, decent and hard-working people.

The book was not intended to hurt the family. Both my publisher and I regret any unintentional harm resulting from the publishing and marketing of Running With Scissors. Understand the Concepts The best defense is a good offense.

This protection applies to both the spoken and written word. Invasion of Privacy Invasion of privacy lawsuits hinge on public disclosure of private facts. Private facts are sensitive information that the average person would not want to share with the general public; for example, medical records, adoption records, abuse, alcoholism, etc.

Preventing a Defamation Cause of Action The best defense against defamation is the truth. Suppose you write that your neighbor was convicted of axe murder. Practical Tips to Stay Out of Courtroom: Before you write, make sure to check your facts. The second tip to avoid defaming your memoir characters is to frame controversial statements as your opinion.


Your opinion needs to be balanced by evidence and supported by actual fact. In order to prevail in a defamation case, the defamed must prove others are able to identify him from your writing.

People can claim defamation if one could reasonably identify them through their actions, clothing, quotes, physical appearance, address, or any number of identifying points. The fourth tip is that defamation rests upon subjective principles.

When in doubt, err on the side of caution about disclosing details that may or may not be true.Writing my mother’s memoir gave me the opportunity to get to know her in an intimate way that I had not had the opportunity to before. Her past had been vague; the setting of her life not at all clear; the sequencing of events haphazard at best.

If you can hold this list in your mind as you write your memoir, you’ll have a leg up at least, and maybe even experience what we call “memoir magic.” 1. Scope. How to Write a Memoir with Multiple Intelligence Conections Verbal-Linguistic: write a poem to accompany the memoir Spatial: create a visual illustration of the memoir and frame it within a clock-face cut-out, conveying it as a special moment.

Feb 01,  · If not, you might want to write a novel instead of a memoir. Yes, the parents who locked you in a closet smaller than Harry Potter's probably deserve your wrath, but publishing a memoir .

Still, it took a few years of writing my way in and out of corners and dead ends before I stopped referring to my book as a “history of skateboarding with bits of personal narrative,” before I understood and started calling it what it was: a family memoir, a story about fatherhood and raising boys.

If you are going to write memoir, if you are going to share a story that matters, then you must be willing to do the thing that so few people are willing to do.

how do you write a memoir

You must be human, at once whole and incomplete.

Memoir Writing Tips from Marion Roach Smith – Goins, Writer