Infiniti case notes

Fri Sep 23, 5: I only had enough time to do a couple of things, so I decided to first tackle the jobs of changing the ATF and transfer case fluid. And since my EX had just clocked over 61K miles, it was pretty good timing. I had put together some notes for myself in preparation of these jobs, but I didn't have them on me when it came time to start.

Infiniti case notes

Design work started in and continued intowhen Hideo Komuro's design was chosen for the sedan. The coupe design process was later completed in the first half ofwith a conceptual variant being readied for public introduction.

The redesigned Infiniti G sedan and coupe were introduced for the and model years, respectively. The fourth generation G sedan was launched in November as a model with a heavily revised 3.

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The redesigned second generation G coupe launched in August as a model with a larger 3. It too came with either a 5-speed automatic or 6-speed manual. All manual G models include a sport package.

The G37 convertible was launched in June Also for the 5-speed automatic was replaced with an all-new 7-speed and both the sedan and coupe gained a self-healing paint finish from the Infiniti EX. The V36 platform continued for with numerous interior changes and upgrades as well as a mid-product cycle exterior update for the sedan.

In late the Infiniti G25 went on sale as a model, featuring a smaller 2. Pre facelift models[ edit ] — G35 Sedan[ edit ] The G35 sedan underwent a major revision for the model year.

Infiniti case notes

This 2nd generation front-mid FM platform underpinning the new G is shared in part with the Infiniti M and has several structural reinforcements around the engine and rear floor area, along with three times more laser welding and 16 percent more spot welds than the old version; overall body stiffness was improved by 40 percent.

Single-pivot lower control arms in front replace the 1st gen model's twin lower links. Sport package equipped cars also get a viscous limited slip differential.

An all-new Active Steering package can be ordered for sport package equipped models. It features a planetary gearset on the steering shaft similar to BMWthat varies the steering ratio between A rear-wheel steering system that induces up to one degree of rear steer is also included in this package. - Place an Order

The Active Steering package includes even stiffer shocks than the sport package at all four corners and the ride has been repeatedly reported as being too stiff for most customers except the most "enthusiastic" drivers.

A dual-path intake two air cleaners, throttle bodies, etc. Electrically actuated variable valve timing is new on the exhaust cams which broadens the torque curve.

Infiniti case notes

The new engine block maintains the same bore and stroke, but the connecting rods were lengthened and the block deck was raised by 8.

With an increase in compression ratio from Torque is down 2 pound force-feet 2.

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This gives the new 2nd gen G35 V36 sedan a solid 0.Toggle form navigation. Infiniti. Electronic Case Notes. The Documentation folder contains a document named Deploying the Auto Claim Management Template - IBM Case Manager pdf. This document contains the detailed instructions for deploying the sample template, creating a solution from it, deploying the solution, and running it.

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