Lesson plans for writing a paragraph 3rd grade

Spelling with Suffixes — 4 Activities Consistently apply rules of spelling Unit 7:

Lesson plans for writing a paragraph 3rd grade

How to use Paint basics! Either upload a picture of each student and have students copy and paste their picture into Paint if photos aren't available, then have them draw a face. Minimize and play game. Teach how to save one on one while others are playing game. Students will use Kidspiration to make a web showing the four seasons.

They will learn how to print. They will type a qeustion and answer on the fake Face book page. How do you show that you are caring at school?

lesson plans for writing a paragraph 3rd grade

I show that I am caring by helping my friend zip up her coat. Students will insert a picture of their Mr.

lesson plans for writing a paragraph 3rd grade

Students will type a descriptive paragraph about their Mr. Teacher will model how to insert the picture of the Mr. Potato Head into Word and how to type a descriptive paragraph. Potato Head into Word. Teach students how to save and Print.

Finished product will display the Mr. Potato Head created with Paint and a descriptive paragraph typed in Word. Paint something that the Mouse from the story might ask for. Add a text box that names what was painted. Add name to text box. Minimize and play Carnival Countdown. Have students open Paint.

Students will create a constellation, name it, and type at least one fact learned from the videos. Print and save to H drive. Students will brainstorm a list of fall words in Word. Learn to use Spell Check. They will copy and paste their list into Wordle. Discuss the topic Fall 2.

Model how to type a list into Word. Model how to use the spell check. Show students how to copy and past their list to Wordle and use the application. Have students type a list 3.

Copy and paste the list into wordle. Print List of at least 10 or more words Did student use spell check Observation of completed project Lesson 4:noun lesson plan writing language arts proper pronouns singular plural primary teaching and learning worksheet students elementary education curriculum kids theme.

Through a classroom game and resource handouts, students learn about the techniques used in persuasive oral arguments and apply them to independent persuasive writing activities.

1. Watch Constellations (45 seconds) The Stars and Seasons (1 minute) The North Star (1 1/2 minutes) Astronomy (1 minute) *Have students record important facts as they view.

Share when finished. 2. Have students open Paint. Students will create a constellation, name it, . Providing educators and students access to the highest quality practices and resources in reading and language arts instruction. 4th Lesson 4th Lesson Roll a dice 50 times and recordFlip a penny 20 times and record the number of times it lands on heads or tails.

Make a chart to show the probability. the number of times it lands on each number. Punctuate the Paragraph 1 Punctuate the Paragraph 1. In the right places, punctuation marks will enhance the clarity and quality of writing.

But excessive or improper use of punctuation can make it stilted and awkward and confuse the reader.

Punctuate the Paragraph 1 – Free Punctuation Worksheet – JumpStart