Proposal for hospital improvement

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Proposal for hospital improvement

These issues cost hospitals, patients and families far more than money. While one person with a vision can drive change, it takes a team to make real improvement stick, especially in a large system.

Meet the Pediatric Quality Award winners: Overall winner and waste reduction category winner Eliminating discharge delays Bed capacity management is a critical issue for hospitals because inefficient discharges impact patient flow, slow care and increase costs.

Previous projects at the hospital focused on discharging a certain percentage of patients at a specific time of day to free up beds.

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However, system inefficiencies persisted leading to delayed admissions and transfers. Inunpredictable discharges and lengthy delays were still roadblocks for efficient patient flow.

A longer than necessary length of stay LOS meant higher costs for everyone involved. The project team set out to develop standard discharge criteria for 11 common inpatient diagnoses based on available evidence and expert consensus.

Today, this information is embedded in the electronic medical record allowing for a new discharge process that is focused on patient needs first, discharging them when they are medically ready. Now, nurses can monitor and signal when patients meet discharge goals.

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Physicians can better prioritize early rounding. Interventions streamline pharmacy prescription filling processes and improve discharge efficiency. Communicating patient needs became consistent between all care providers, regardless of time of day. Today, at least 80 percent of eligible patients are discharged within two hours of meeting criteria.

By decreasing waste associated with inefficient discharges, the new process uncovered substantial cost savings to families, health plans and the hospital. More existing beds are available for higher acuity patients. And decreased LOS supports the global aim of reducing cost of care.

As a result, the hospital saw a 38 percent increase in patients discharged within two hours. These efforts led to a 34 percent increase in provider satisfaction and Communication is especially critical as health care providers of different disciplines and training levels transition care, and breakdowns were causing preventable medical errors.

Within nine months, the rounding approach changed provider behaviors and the PICU culture of safety. With minimal resources and common sense interventions developed by a multidisciplinary group, the project team developed a consistent process that put key providers on the same page.

These initiatives include a new resident daily progress note format, a performance improvement dashboard, and use of a bedside whiteboard to document daily goals.

Proposal for hospital improvement

The process also encouraged families—who were previously excluded from rounds—to express concerns and ask questions about the plan of care. Team agreement on goals increased 25 percent by removing common communication barriers, such as bedside nurses multitasking during rounds and interruptions during patient presentations.

Additional communications, such as the inclusion of bedside nurse input or reading orders back also helped the unit reach its goals. The unit started to take ownership of the process, as modeled during one chaotic week when several errors were made.Proposal For Hospital Improvement.

4 Quality Improvement Ideas Hospitals Can Implement

Process Improvement Methods and Proposal OPS/HC December 12, Process Improvement Methods and Proposal for Middletown Hospital The CEO of Middletown hospital has been receiving complaints of long wait times and poor service in the Emergency Department at certain hours of the day.

Bermuda's Main Hospital is King Edward VII Memorial. Taxpayer-financed with both employers and employees paying for significant monthly healthcare insurance.


4 Quality Improvement Ideas Hospitals Can Implement Email Print These children's hospital improvement teams led remarkable initiatives that are changing the way their hospitals work, from culture to communication. The Institute for Healthcare Improvement’s (IHI's) Summit on Improving Patient Care is the destination for health care professionals in a variety of settings who are committed to transforming primary care.

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The IHI Summit, which takes place on April 11–13, , in San Francisco, CA, combines practical instruction with rejuvenating inspiration. 1 quality improvement student project proposal: improving handoffs in san francisco general hosptital’s emergency department tmit student projects quickstart package ™.

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4 Quality Improvement Ideas Hospitals Can Implement