Revulsion an exploration of fate and

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Revulsion an exploration of fate and

From every county, specially elected representatives made their way to the capital city for the Virginia Ratification Convention.

Revulsion an exploration of fate and

The rest of the country kept an anxious vigil, keenly aware that without the endorsement of Virginia—its largest and most populous state—the Constitution was doomed. The convention delegates, who numbered among the most respected and experienced patriots in Revolutionary America, were roughly split in their opinions.

Patrick Henry, for example, the greatest orator of the age, opposed James Madison, the intellectual force behind the Constitution. The two sides were so evenly matched that in the last days of the convention, the savviest political observers still could not confidently predict the outcome.

Mining an incredible wealth of sources, including letters, pamphlets, newspaper articles, and transcripts, Glover brings these remarkable political discussions to life.


She raises the provocative, momentous constitutional questions that consumed Virginians, echoed across American history, and still resonate today. This engaging book harnesses the uncertainty and excitement of the Constitutional debates to show readers the clear departure the Constitution marked, the powerful reasons people had to view it warily, and the persuasive claims that Madison and his allies finally made with success.

She is the author of Founders as Fathers: This work provides a fresh and informative account, despite slighting portions of the story. An astute introduction to the history of the American founding.

The Language of American Nationhood "This well-written and thoroughly researched account of the Virginia ratifying convention not only tells a great story filled with key individuals and their debates over fundamental issues, it also explains why ratification in Virgina worked the way it did and why it mattered so much to the new nation.

This is an excellent book, perfect for undergraduate seminars and surveys that hope to introduce students to this pivotal moment in American history.Science Conjecture This page contains some comments and conjecture* about science topics.

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