Saia p ministry reflection paper

Escher, Book of Boxes: Bandelier, Jaime Labastida, Lewis H.

Saia p ministry reflection paper

Independent reporter Translation from Arabic by ana-ashur. One of the Mizeh inhabitants who refused to mention his name said: The committee gave its approval for the re-building of 25 homes, and before even the start of the project, it was given to a Kurdish contractor because the inhabitants wanted to avoid any problems on the part of the Sawar and Spendar villagers.

As the plans began, a group of men threatened to kill the workers and the contractor if they did not leave the site, so they left and notified Mr.

We don't want any problems". The citizen of Mizeh added: We want to return to our village; it's the authorities' responsibility to help us. Why do they neglect us? Aren't we citizens as well? Didn't we sacrifice like every one else in order to have our rights on our lands or we're asked to sacrifice only?

Is there more oppression than this? We are calling upon humanity's conscience to give us back what's rightfully ours on the lands which we were born on, and we call upon the Kurdish authorities controlling the North of Iraq to intervene, it's enough with them only watching all that afflicts us as if we are not citizens".

It is also one of its most haunted. Timotheos Samuel Aktas, the Metropolitan or archbishop of the Tur Abdin area, which includes Midyat, sits in the waiting room of his office in the Mor Gabriel monastery. The monastery, revived inhas two monks and 13 nuns living there.

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Yigal Schleifer for EurasiaNet. Once almost exclusively populated by Assyrian Christians — an ancient sect that traces its roots back to the earliest days of Christianity and that still uses Aramaic, the language spoken during the time of Jesus, for its liturgy — the town is now almost completely devoid of its original inhabitants.

SomeAssyrians lived in the area around Midyat, known as the Tur Abdin Plateau, 40 years ago. Nobody is sure what the population is today, although in Midyat only Christian families remain.


Still, there are signs of Assyrian life throughout the region. Down the road from the church, behind a high wall, a local Assyrian contractor named Hanna Goze is busy putting the finishing touches on the renovation of a massive stone house, owned by a Christian who now lives in Switzerland. Sitemap

The house is to be used as a summer vacation home, according to Goze. Aziz Baysal, one of the few Assyrians left in the village of Kalit, drinks homemade white wine.

The Assyrians were once known throughout the region for their winemaking expertise. A few years ago he helped restore a monastery at the edge of Midyat, which had been shut for years, but that now has a monk and two nuns living there.

Well, by the grace of God," says Timotheos Samuel Aktas, the metropolitan or archbishop of the Tur Abdin area, who lives in another monastery near Midyat. The monastery the metropolitan lives in, Mor Gabriel, had been shut for decades before reopening in Goze has been very busy for the past few years doing similar renovations for Christians who have moved away but now want to come back.

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Yigal Schleifer for EurasiaNet Aktas, a somewhat taciturn man, first came to the monastery in as a monk. In the village of Kalit, a collection of old stone houses surrounded by green vineyards, Diaspora funds sent from Germany and Sweden has helped restore the historic church, which dates back to the 4th century.

Assyrian Christian children play in the courtyard of Midyat's Mar Barsaumo church.However, calculating a true censorship rate for published posts on WeChat’s public accounts platform as a whole relies on having a random, representative sample of .

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A study commissioned by the Dutch Finance Ministry estimates the amount of money.

Saia p ministry reflection paper

On Saturday Iraq's Culture Ministry confirmed the receipt of Dr. George's resignation in early August. This opportunity should provide us with a moment of reflection to think about what we have to do in order to fortify our country and people against the oncoming threats and dangers.

Saia p ministry reflection paper

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