Thai red cross marketing analysis

More Essay Examples on Marketing Rubric Even marketing is not the core activity of the organization, but it is the heart of every organization. Some organization that produces high quality products but lack of high performance of marketing activity, how can their customer know that their products are that good? As stated before, that marketing is the heart of every organization, it is applied with both for-profit organization and non-profit organization. Differently from Non-profit organization, marketing team will have tasks in raising awareness of their focusing area such as environmental, educational, or health.

Thai red cross marketing analysis

Community-based education and programs that target the youth or the general population with the exception for those aimed at the improvement of STI treatment services were not preferred. In the deliberative process, a number of additional criteria were put forward in addition to those identified in the DCE.

The policy maker group proposed cost-effectiveness as an important additional criterion.

the analysis of service marketing thorugh thai airways international public company limited ' passanger decision: a case study of the route from bangkok to singapore. Thailand National Guidelines on HIV/AIDS Treatment and Prevention Funding NIAID, USAID, PEPFAR, UNITAID, Thai Red Cross AIDS Research Centre, Princess Soamsawali Fund for HIV Prevention, FHI , Thai Red Cross AIDS Research Centre, Research Institute for Health Sciences. About us. John Benjamins Publishing Company is an independent, family-owned academic publisher headquartered in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. More.

This group also added the criteria of whether an intervention could be used for multiple purposes, and of safety. For example, a Thai red cross marketing analysis maker argued that introducing nucleic acid test screening for blood testing enables the Thai Red Cross Society to simultaneously investigate the existence of Hepatitis B and C with detecting HIV in the same specimen, thus creating added value.

Also, a reliable blood donation system is very important to secure safety in Thailand in this respect. The other criterion mentioned was the importance of targeting health care workers at risk as a way of encouraging them to work with PLWHA in hospitals. This led to a change from the rank 10th of the post-exposure prophylaxis for healthcare workers before deliberation to 'good candidate for implementation' category, upon deliberation.

They argued that every intervention was important and should be implemented together to prevent HIV infection.

Thai red cross marketing analysis

PLWHA suggested the availability of alternatives as an additional criterion. For example, improving STI treatment services was not seen as a priority as alternative services were available in hospitals. PLWHA strongly disagreed with considering cost-effectiveness as a criterion - they argued that if an intervention is effective, it should be implemented, and that financial considerations should not be important.

PLWHA also prioritized interventions that target the general population rather than high risk groups, because interventions for the general population cover a larger segment of the population, and reflect their notion that everyone has equal risk of HIV infection.

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This is because everyone is at equal risk of HIV infection. We are all the same". The preferences of VHVs cohered largely with those of policy makers except for the target group of the interventions: VHVs preferred interventions that target the youth rather than high risk populations.

This preference was also confirmed upon deliberation. VHVs introduced the number of beneficiaries as an additional criterion. So we think this intervention is beneficial for society at large". Furthermore, VHVs emphasized the need to adapt certain interventions to suit the groups targeted.

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The correlation coefficient presents the consistency of results between the DCE ranking and deliberation ranking. In addition, from the group discussions, we found that both policy makers and VHVs were generally positive about the ease of interpreting DCE results and the MCDA process, whereas PLWHA were generally negative because of the difficulty of the DCE questionnaire, which might lead to a misunderstanding of the exercise among the respondents.

This study revealed the importance of five criteria included in the DCE i. This reflects that stakeholders consider multiple criteria in prioritising interventions.

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The abovementioned results highlight that MCDA has good potential to be used for the making of explicit prioritisation decisions. Also, we observed that the group of policy makers and VHVs - although not PLWHA respondents - applauded the systematic approach for priority setting, including the development of relevant criteria, the presentation of the performance of interventions against these criteria, and the deliberative process.

Although MCDA seems difficult for PLWHA as they may not be familiar or comfortable to make trade-off decisions, the considerable overlap of the rank ordering before and upon deliberation in the group of policy makers and VHVs indicates that the quantifiable criteria used in the DCE partly reflect the concerns that stakeholders have in their intervention priorities.

We believe that, through its explicit approach, MCDA contributes to the transparency and accountability of the priority setting process. Moreover, the provision of the DCE ranking reduces the stream of information that stakeholders need to absorb when prioritising many interventions simultaneously.

We therefore advocate that the identification and weighing of quantifiable criteria whether through DCE or any other technique should also be considered as an integrated MCDA component.

The present application of MCDA seems especially useful for policy planning in the long run as it can set priorities among a large set of interventions without defining the allocation of resources in a precise fashion.

Thai red cross marketing analysis

This use, also labeled generalized priority setting, can have far-reaching and constructive influences on policy formulation in the long term [ 26 ]. In contrast, the use of MCDA as presented in this study may not be useful for guiding highly contextualized decisions on the implementation of a single intervention, since this requires a higher level of detail in terms of financial and budgeting considerations.

This study has experimented with the inclusion of a process of deliberation in MCDA in a research environment. As of now, Thailand is stepping towards a routine application of MCDA to define its universal coverage benefit package.Get the latest health news, diet & fitness information, medical research, health care trends and health issues that affect you and your family on Cost Analysis of Post Exposure Prophylaxis of Rabies in A Tertiary Care Centre- A Cross Sectional Study (modified Thai red cross regime) along with rabies immunoglobulin for category 3, added up to $ the market which costs Rs per vial (2ml) and Rs per vial (2ml) respectively.

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