The summer of the beautiful white

For their family, even at times of extreme poverty nothing could match the importance of honesty.

The summer of the beautiful white

Having had a wonderful time riding the horse, Mourad eventually invites Aram to ride with him.

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They hide the horse in a barn at a deserted farmyard when they are not riding. Neither cousin is enthused about returning such a prized animal despite the famous Garoghlanian honesty and integrity. It is obvious that Mourad has a way with animals; he is as confident in nursing a young robin with an injured wing as he is in corralling a frightened horse when its fear causes it to flee.

He opines about his lost white horse, but Uncle Khosrove wears him down with his intimidating manner. Eventually, both boys run into John Byro, who is on his way to town.

They exchange pleasantries and John asks the boys what the name of their horse is. Indeed, John merely points out that the horse looks identical to his stolen horse. John Byro knows that the horse is his, but refuses to embarrass the boys. Instead, he asserts that the boys could not have been the thieves who stole his horse because the famed honesty of the Garoghlanian family is well known to him.

He further disarms the boys by stating that he will trust his heart rather than the evidence of his eyes. With that, the two parties go their separate ways.Learn everything about The Black Hills one of the old mountain ranges in North America.

‘The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse’ is the story of two poor Armenian boys. They are Aram and Mourad. They are cousins. They belong to the same tribe. The family of Garoghlanian is known for its integrity and honesty. Aram is a foil to Mourad. He is calm and quiet. He suffers from a feeling of nostalgia. He remembers the good old days when he was nine. "The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse" is a short story by William Saroyan, published within the collection My Name Is Sattu mc (). It tells the story of two boys, Aram and Mourad, who belong to a very poor Armenian tribe. Plot summaryAuthor: William Saroyan. If you are browsing the internet for home ideas, decoration or remodeling tips, you are in the right place. In today’s article we collected the top 20 most beautiful living spaces around the world.

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The summer of the beautiful white

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The primary message of the story, The Summer of the Beautiful Horse, is that despite social or economic challenges, there are some truths which are absolute and should be . The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse Questions and Answers - Discover the community of teachers, mentors and students just like you that can answer any question you might have on The.

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