The theme of love in the u2s song one

While newlyweds Bono and Ali Hewson honeymooned in Jamaicathe Edge worked in Ireland on music for the band's upcoming album.

The theme of love in the u2s song one

Both Ends Burning Looking around, I've found that a lot of people tend to consider this one of Roxy's two best albums, and as you can see, this is an idea I heartily endorse.

One thing kinda bugs me when I see some reviews of it, though; there often tends to be quite a bit of praise for the album being so sleek and stripped-down and dancable. This isn't bad in itself, of course, but I always get the feeling that the implication of such statements is that this stripped-down, funkier state is a big improvement over the sound they'd had before, which was much more dense and tricky and insane.

I mean, wasn't being dense and tricky and insane one of the main reasons people liked the band in the first place? I just can't help but be bothered by the idea that being stripped down is better in and of itself than being lush I mean, just look at Manifestojust as I am bothered by the idea that being lush is better in and of itself than being stripped down.

That's not to say I don't like the sound of the album, of course. It's just that I'm of the mindset that the sound works not because it's stripped and dancable, but rather works because it still sounds like this stripped and dancable music is being made by a freaking great band.

The band is still tight as can be, the drum sound is terrific for this kind of music for whatever reason, which I'm still not sure of, the drums are the first thing that really caught my ear on this albumand Ferry is still at the top of his game much more consistently so than on Country, if you ask me.

Furthermore, the sound is perfect for the "post-breakup debauchery" theme that runs through the album, and it makes the great pleadings and croonings come that much more alive.

Actually, come to think of it, the "dance pop" or funk or disco or whatever reputation this album has is kinda overstated, as there are only three tracks out of nine that I think would really qualify.

Ironically, for all my rantings about funkiness not automatically improving something, these are my three favorite tracks on the album, though in a different order from how most tend to order them. Believe it or not, the infamous opening "Love is the Drug" is only my third favorite on the album; this of course means that it's a great song, with a fine bassline and amusing lyrics about needing to score his fix, but I honestly don't find it as addictive as so many others do.


Oh man what a great song. In my world, though, all on Siren bows down before the might of "Both Ends Burning. Look, I know it'll never happen, but if ever comes the day where I'm allowed to be a DJ for one evening, there is no doubt in mind that this would be the song I'd choose to be the closing send-off, as I really can't think of any song that would be better suited.

I can also say that, on the Roxy Music compilation I made for myself, this was a hands-down choice to close it out, as it does an amazing job of leaving me wanting more and wanting to put the compilation back on, natch. There are six other songs on here, and they're mostly good.


I could live without the really awkward, schmaltzy "Could it Happen to Me? Oh, there's also "Sentimental Fool," which opens with a long stretch of creepy Eno-ish and Fripp-ish noises before going into another nice ballad with more nice vocals Ok, so the album isn't exactly spectacular outside of the three main highlights, big deal.

It's really good, though, and those high points are easily high enough to guarantee this thing a C. Which is a lot more than I can say for the album that came into being after the band took a lengthy break Send me your thoughts Steven Highams rawdon.

The theme of love in the u2s song one

Bowie had recently put out Young Americans, a whole album of pseudo soul, and it might have looked as though Roxy were following suit albeit filtered through their own sensibility.

This is their most consistent listen; the first two are more stimulating, Avalon is too dreamy, too lush, to match just any given mood, Country Life is too inconsistent, and I know I'm in the minority here, but Stranded has never done all that much for me.

I like everything on here, so this record is pretty much tops with me. People take things far too seriously these days, you know?What does U2's song Pride (in The Name Of Love) mean? We have the answer. What does Pride (in The Name Of Love) mean?

One man come in the name of love One man come and go One man come here to justify One man to overthrow I do not believe the song's theme is that Martin Luther King and Jesus died because of their love for .

I get the feeling a lot of people still don't quite take Dubai seriously and see it as a weird artifact of a prolonged oil boom that brought shiploads of eff-you money to a bunch of desert sheikhs who never quite figured out what they wanted to do with it all.

One by U2 song meaning, lyric interpretation, video and chart position Seems to have religious overtones to me especially the end as so many U2 songs do. Christian sites love U2.

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