Vce english identity and belonging essays

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Vce english identity and belonging essays

She does not bother to learn Chinese and fails to connect with her grandfather who loves writing poetry. We lived in Australia. Amy follows behind; she appears ashamed and quietly mocks him. Amy starts learning Chinese and makes amends for her rudeness. The fact that our parents choose our names can also have a defining influence upon who we are, and our sense of self.

What do they actually mean? She realizes that without a knowledge of Mandarin she is not truly able to appreciate her Chinese background and lacks firm and meaningful roots to her past and to her parents.

In other words, language is the passport, the key, to a culture and without knowledge of the language, one cannot truly understand the values, the history, and the culture of another land. As she matures, Tseng comes to realise what she has lost through her indifference and laziness.

She realises she has missed out on a meaningful relationship with her parents and their past.

Vce english identity and belonging essays

He is victimized and persecuted in the playground to such an extent that he feels emotionally violated and humiliated. These feelings surface in rage and resentment; he becomes confused about who he is because he cannot articulate his feelings.

Whilst many of the customs linger, Hop suggests that the younger generation are now removed from this awareness that often comes with considerable pain and agony.

They grow their own vegetables, have their own animals, and cultivate herbs for medicinal purposes. Hop uses figurative terms such as the simile to describe the animals: She longs to escape the monotony of her school, work and family routine. She describes how her working life began at 4. Lily describes the lack of separation between their family and their working life in the restaurant, which is reflected metaphorically in her description of their restaurant and home.

The comics are full of humour and fun graphically depicting the good times. However, the store is soon declared bankrupt during the economic downturn in Both her and Wei-Li are singled out for ridicule; they are mocked and mauled like toys.

Barry becomes the ultimate foe and a symbol of her exclusion. Her mother has high expectations and expects Vanessa to become a doctor, following in the footsteps of her cousin David who gained the perfect score of They are running two shops, or two jobs at once, sewing garments in their spare time for 80 cents a piece.

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They treat themselves by taking coins which they spend on pizzas and cappuccinos. During that time, typical shows such as the King of Gamblers captured the imagination of their Vietnamese clientele.

In her short story, Diem gives an insight into life in a Vietnamese family.

Vce english identity and belonging essays

He satirises his father and makes him look ridiculous, but he also paints an endearing portrait of him. On the one hand he is cynical towards his father, because his father exhibited nothing but a catalogue of woes.

The Courage of Soldiers by Pauline Nguyen Many migrants of Asian parents suffer from unrealistic expectations; they are aware that their parents have sacrificed a lot to give them opportunities, but they often feel enormous stress and pressure to satisfy their parents. The beatings and constant humiliation affected her confidence and self esteem in very damaging ways.

Vanessa was a constant failure when compared with successful relatives who achieved high professional status and wealth.

Many Asian parents do not understand their children and have no empathy for their struggles and need to find a voice and a new sense of self in the new culture. Benjamin recalls how he suffered as a target of discrimination and persecution.The aim of the English Works website is to provide all secondary school students with access to quality resources for English.

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